Get the latest technology without the upfront investment

Your technology should work hard for your business, contributing to business growth while ensuring everything runs smoothly.

But the latest tech usually comes with a considerable price tag. And, with advancements in technology showing no sign of slowing down, keeping up with progress can be a costly endeavour. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

At Genisys, we look after your cash-flow as well as your IT infrastructure, with technology funding that gives you access to the latest devices and equipment on a per user, per month basis. This is modern IT financing for modern business.


Get technology today

without worrying about how to finance the investment. Service and insurance can also be included in your monthly plan

Access the latest tech

as and when you need it. You can start small and add devices as your business grows

Outsource IT management

to get access to the best hardware supported by the best software, support and services

Close Brothers Partnership

Close Brothers Partnership

Together with Close Brothers, we create informed technology and financing solutions that help your business to achieve its goals. Are you ready to help your business reach its full potential with innovative technology funding?

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Modern IT financing for modern business

We provide you with the most suitable solutions from the best in the business. And, leveraging the power of our relationships, we do this for one simple monthly cost.

Our technology funding option also gives you access to the latest devices and equipment on a per user, per month basis. So you can stop buying devices.



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