Our Offering

Identify and solve business problems with the cloud

At Genisys, we aim to accelerate your cloud app development with a strategic and optimized approach to modernizing your cloud platform. Kick-starting our process with a cloud readiness assessment, we will guide you through all the necessary steps to deploy your apps on any public cloud platform.

Our cloud managed services include:

  • Cloud platform expertise including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.
  • Multi-platform DevOps infrastructure on cloud
  • Architecture advice & design sessions

Our cloud managed services include end-to-end tools for deployment, security, backup, optimization, monitoring, audit and log management, and disaster recovery.


Ensure always-on availability

Our services make sure your cloud environment is secure, scalable and available.

Accelerate your cloud journey

With world-class software built to drive cloud application development.

Align your release management

One executable package for production deployment and application releases.