Get award-winning cloud architecture in your school today.

Plus, for schools in the UK and Ireland, our offer includes automatic updates and upgrades, enterprise class support at no additional cost and an always up-to-date system fit for the future of your school.

Cisco Meraki cloud networking gives you:

  • Automatic updates and upgrades
  • 10 year free support contract
  • Higher network performance

Schools are under constant pressure to look for the low-cost option.

Address all of the budget, security and quality challenges, with 10 years for the price of 5 on our Meraki Cloud Networking platform licence.

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100% Cloud managed

From Reception to Sixth Form, you can rely on Cisco Meraki Cloud

Secure digital learning

Campus-wide monitoring, with Cisco Meraki Systems Manager

Simple deployment

Shorten deployment and configuration time from weeks to minutes

The Meraki ‘Dashboard’

The industry’s only end-to-end solution, unifying all of your networks

Enterprise class support

Designed to get your school up and running as soon as possible

Open to all schools

This very special offer is available to all schools in the UK and Ireland

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